Hatcher Landscaping can maintain your landscape surroundings with the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done right. 

Any landscape will revert back to its natural state of
untidiness if not well maintained. Landscape maintenance ensures your property will look neat and flourish the whole year round. Mowing, pruning, fertilization, maturation, and quality are all monitored with a carefully designed care and maintenance program to suit your property and budget.


Hatcher Landscaping will make sure your lawn areas are mowed, weed free, and green; your trees and shrubs are kept sculpted and in scale with your environment and pruned for optimal growth, shade, and stability; and your flowers are at their peak throughout the season.

Some of our services include:

            Mowing    -    Pruning & Trimming    -    Annuals    -     Edging

              Garden Maintenance    -    
Fertilization    -     Snow Plowing

                                        Spring and Fall Clean-up











Hatcher Landscaping | P.O. Box 1 | 30 Pine St. | Manchester By-The-Sea, MA 01944 | 978.526.7971

Hatcher Landscaping


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Residential & Commercial Landscape Care
and Maintenance

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